April 4-25, 2017  7:15-8:15pm
Location: Hatha Yoga Shala
2050 Fourth St, Berkeley CA (between University & Addison)
Cost: $70 for 4 classes or $20 per single class
Suitable for all levels. Beginners welcome.

Do a little inner cleaning of your system by practicing elements from Wild Goose System of Qigong. Learn how to use whole body movements to release long-held tensions and clear the way for fresh energy. Come practice simple movements from Dr. Bingkun Hu’s Twelve Treasures and learn elements of Wild-Goose 12 (Qigong for the Kidneys).

Spring is the season when everything is growing and pushing through the earth. Many of us know that pushing energy very well in our efforts to achieve more and sometimes, it seems, just to keep up. In the process, we often deplete our adrenals which sit on top of the kidneys. Wild Goose-12 builds inner strength, gently tonifying the kidney meridian and organs and promoting whole body circulation. Come practice this refreshing qigong and learn how to balance effort with true relaxation.

NOTE: If you currently have a condition or injury, please consult a medical professional prior to beginning your practice

© 2017 Sanghi Choi

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